Hi Andrew, 
Just wanted to say thanks for the draws, they fitted perfectly and work a treat!

Hi Andrew, Just To let you know I picked up the drawers today. They actually got to Newcastle last Thursday but today was my first chance to collect them.

Mate they are great, thank you for an excellent job.

I will send you some photos when they are installed, probably end of next week.



Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
« Reply #17 on: December 01, 2013, 09:05:09 AM »
Hey mate, nice workmanship on the drawers, the carpet laying looks great. One thing I would suggest is where you can see the raw wood, give it a coat or 2 of flat black paint. It will make it blend in and look great.
Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
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I have a set of these draws I purchased a single draw off Andrew about 4mths ago and they are of the highest quality. Gee the bloke even delivered them to my house in Rosebud for no charge. Great guy, great product, great service. If your thinking about getting a set go for it.

Cheers , Brenno. :cup:
Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
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I got a set of drawers for my 100 series off Andrew and they're awesome.

Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
« Reply #47 on: May 21, 2014, 05:18:07 PM »
Andrew finished up the drawer installation today.  First class job and I am absolutely stoked with the result.   The fridge will be an occasional fit so extra happy with the side by side drawers and the more useable layout.  Fridge slide is excellent and all fits neatly together with no wasted space.  Thanks Andrew.    :cup: :cup: :cheers: :cheers: ;D ;D

Would recommend his products unreservedly.  Mac
Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
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Have any blokes on Myswag bought these drawers since andrew started posting?
Hi swannie,
Just got drawer system done by Andrew, really happy about it,  will recommend his work
Re: Affordable 4x4 drawers (Melbourne )
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Just got a single drawer from Andrew for my Challenger. Very happy with it and fits in perfectly.