Affordable 4x4 Drawers offer a wide range of quality drawer systems to suit a wide range of vehicles.



Recovery Drawer

Dedicated drawer to put recovery gear in ,Bolt it on top of your existing drawer system or any where else you desire.inside dimensions 730 long x 280 wide x 130 deep .

lockable handles, (black or stainless steel) 45 kg rated drawer slides, covered in charcoal fabric ,

drawer painted inside .

ideal to get recovery gear out of your main drawers and into one place.

Drawer can be used for what ever you want .


optional : drawer lined inside $25

(recovery gear not included)




Slimline180.JPG - small

Slimline 180

universal will fit most 4x4/SUV/wagons

1080 x 920 x 180 high

height clearance inside drawer 128 mm



Black or stainless steel handles ( no charge)

drawers lined inside.




Gu Patrol 

Bolts strait into existing tie down points 

pic 1 shows unit overall with wings and strap coming through top of unit ,all fit nice and snug.

pic 2 lid over cavity where child restraint goes through to original child restraints in floor .

pic 3 can be done for 1 or two child restraints

pic 4 drawers are 200 mm shorter to create cavity at the rear for child restraint access


You can use cavity behind drawers to hard wire compressor/ battery/etc





Black or stainless steel handles (no charge)

Drawers lined inside $50

protection trim across front $15




2 drawer system

suit small vehicle

750 wide x 600 long x 240 high

lined inside drawers 

and protection trim