Affordable 4x4 Drawers offer a wide range of quality drawer systems to suit a wide range of vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your storage units made of?

A: The storage units are made of quality 12mm ply.



Q: Are the drawers lockable?

A: Yes, all drawers come fitted with paddle handles and keyed locks.



Q: Do the runners have a weight rating?

A: Yes, the runners for each drawer have a combined rating of 45kg, which is equivalent to 5 slabs of coke. For an additional cost a second set of runners can be added but in my experience a rating of 45kg is more then adequate.



Q: Are tie down points available?

A: Yes, in the interest of keeping our drawers affordable they are not a standard feature but can be added across the range for an additional cost.



Q: Is shipping available?

A: Shipping is available Australia wide at the buyer’s expense. Please use the contact us page to obtain a shipping quote.



Q: Are the inside of the drawers lined?

A: This is not a standard feature but lining options are available upon request.



Q: How are the storage units secured?

A: Most units are able to bolt to existing tie down points in your vehicle.



Q: Are you able to custom build a storage unit to my requirements?

A: Yes, units can be custom built upon request. This service is not limited to 4x4's, we also do custom fit out for vans, trailers and trays.



Q: Do they rattle and are they dust proof?

A: No they do not rattle and they are 99% dust proof.